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"I believe the real difference between success and failure in a corporation can be very often traced to the question of how well the organization bring out the great energies and talents of its people."

Thomas J. Watson Jr.


Support values, vision, and mission through people

The HR team is expected to work operate as a business partner to the rest of the organization in order to drive retention of top employees, reduce overall attrition, recruiting in line with company budget, and retain leadership. 

1. Hire Top Talent to Fill Critical Roles

Forbes states, 30% of job candidates are asking recruiters about their company's travel policies prior to accepting a position. Understanding the motivational drivers for a candidate job offers is key to a successful hiring process. HR should be using the companies travel policy as a key attracter to hire top talent into their organization.


How can HR support the organization's travel program and use it as a hiring benefits? An employee-centric travel program and policy will help your organization's benefits package standout from your competitors. Share your company E-Stat ratings around your travel policy with interviewees.


2. Engage Employees to Achieve Corporate Goals

It's HR's job to play a role in organizational success via their knowledge about advocacy of people. This advocacy includes expertise in how to create a work environment in which people will choose to be motivated, contributing, and happy. Forbes indicates current employees are making it clear that they'll go to the competition for a more employee-friendly travel policy that has a better work-life balance. 


3. Develop Employees

According to the HR Daily Advisor, "76 percent of Millennials respondents said that professional development opportunities are one of the most important elements of company culture."


Evaluate the costs of your travel program per leadership employee vs. the cost of continuous recruitment due to turn over in leadership roles. It can take years to hire the right executive, providing them with the benefit of an industry best travel policy could be just the item needed to retain leadership roles.



Position and Differentiate  |  Increased Hiring

An employee-centric Travel Policy will aid and support HR in hiring top talent. Gone are the days of the road warrior lifestyle. Employees value work/life balance almost over any other benefit a company can offer. Take a look at your current travel policy, using this policy are you setting your employees up for success. How do you use your travel policy to differentiate yourself from your competitors and attract top talent? 


Compelling Message  |  Cost Avoidance & Retention 

By Implementing your proposed travel initiatives you will save the company money, but increasing Employee Retention. Studies predict that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6-9 months' salary to replace them.


It's simple, happy Employees produce more, are better leaders, receive better performance ratings, have more job security, take less sick days, and are less likely to experience burnout leading to turnover. Are you sending the right message to HR? Pull on their emotional cords by aligning your travel policy with company values, but ensure you back your message with the numbers.


Articulate End Results  |  Increase E-Sat Ratings

Sometimes it's hard to break bad news to heads of Business Units, but if your current E-Sat Survey results around the company travel policy are less than superior, this is the key indicator there must be a change. Demonstrate the value of your travel imitative by showing the before and after through use of Employee Satisfaction Survey. The data-driven results will inspire HR to work closely with you to impact real change for employees across the company.


A recent study published by ACTE explains that 28% of companies are now seeing their employee satisfaction with the corporate travel policy is an issue with employee retention. Are you supporting their desire for work/life balance? Does your Travel Policy put your employees in the best position to have a successful meeting with their client following a long travel day? HR must align with company initiatives, and Customer Satisfaction is always a top priority!


Sophia MacDonals, SVP HR - Cvent Inc


"Travel is part of the employee experience, and travel policies and the successful execution of them help to improve overall employee engagement. Employee Satisfaction (E-Sat) is the most solid measure of a travel program that meets business needs and employee expectations, from there an HR department can look to improve those scores over time as programs evolve."


Gaining the HR department's support on an employee-centric traveler program will improve the overall job satisfaction to a new or existing employee. Creating the best possible experience for the traveler will not only drive program adoption, but studies have shown it will support increased employee morale, productivity and loyalty within the organization. There is no calculation that can measure the loss of an employee who is always going the extra mile for the company and all of the value they have put in with clients, trips, and industry events.

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